We specialize in the design, installations and maintenance of Intruder / Burglar Alarms, Closed Circuit Television, Access Control, Gate Automation, Fire Alarm Systems, Phone Systems, Intercom Systems & Till Scan Systems.


Q: What areas do your installers cover?

A: Our installation team cover Kilkenny, Carlow, Laois & Tipperary.

Q: Why should I buy an Alarm System?

A: Independent studies clearly show that premises with alarm systems are less likely to be broken into. As illustrated by these studies, electronic alarm systems, without question, Contribute to a safer environment for you and your family.

Q: What should an alarm system do for me?

A: An alarm system is installed to deter and detect intruders. The first area secures vulnerable perimeter access points such as doors and windows; the second area consists of space detection such as interior motion detectors which monitor movement inside the premises.

Q: What should a qualified company do for me?

A: qualified company should perform a site inspection/security audit and discuss your individual security needs. Each person and premise is unique and the system should be tailored to fit your needs, lifestyle and price range.

Q: What is alarm Monitoring?

A: Alarm systems can be installed to emit a local alarm using a bell or siren and they may be connected via a common carrier network (ie. Telephone lines) to a monitoring station which dispatches the appropriate response authority (police, private guard, fire, medical) when the system transmits a signal. In addition to the response authorities being dispatches, a monitored system may also emit a local siren when activated. In order to receive response, you must either rely on a neighbour calling the police (in the case of a local system) or you must have the system monitored (24 hrs) by a monitored station. For this service, a nominal fee is paid and can be arranged through your alarm installation company.

Q: What is the difference between wireless systems and wired systems?

A: While there are many types of products available on the market, the actual system you purchase can either be wired or wireless. For wired systems there is a wire connecting each device to the central control panel. A wireless system operates on batteries, has no wires and transmits its signal by radio frequency.

Q: Why monitored alarm systems?

A: Police Response for Monitored Alarms. The Police may no longer respond to a bell-only alarm, unless there is additional evidence of a crime being committed. They will however respond to a monitored alarm which qualifies for Police response.

Immediate Response for Monitored Personal Attack Button A ‘Personal Attack’ signal from a monitored alarm will be immediately policed. With a bell-only alarm you are relying on a neighbour coming to your aid.

Fire Safety: Most battery operated smoke detectors are not properly maintained and a conventional standalone smoke detector may not activate fast enough to ensure the occupants are woken up in time.

A unique Carbon Monoxide Fire Detector detects lethal smoldering fires much quicker than conventional smoke detectors. When linked into monitored alarm system, we can call the Fire Brigade if you are incapacitated. The Fire monitoring part of the alarm system stays ‘set’ even if the main intruder is not ‘set’.

Fire Protection: If you are not in the house and fire breaks out, you are relying on a neighbour / passer by to call the Fire Brigade. With monitoring the monitored Fire Detector can
rapidly detect the fire and our Alarm Receiving Centre will quickly call the Fire Brigade

False Alarm Management: With a monitored alarm you have an internal siren to deter the burglar, but you do not necessarily need a loud external siren because you are not relying on neighbours /passers by to come to your aid (they very rarely will – most neighbours get fed up with ringing burglar alarms). If you are away for a period of time (eg. On holidays) and there is a problem with your alarm which requires entry to the house to rectify we can alert a key holder. With a bell-only system a fault may persist for the whole time you are away and no one may be available to attend the problem.

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