We specialize in the design, installations and maintenance of Intruder / Burglar Alarms, Closed Circuit Television, Access Control, Gate Automation, Fire Alarm Systems, Phone Systems, Intercom Systems & Till Scan Systems.


Our Wires systems and Wirefree systems are designed to meet your specific requirements with the latest technology to ensure you are protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The wired package is designed especially for pre-wired homes. It is simple to use and easy to install offering you complete peace of mind with 24 hour monitoring service. The Wirefree system works using radio signals from your sensors back to the main control unit which activates your alarm. The panel then sends an emergency signal to Monitoring Control Centre
and the appropriate action to taken.

Alarm goes-off

Alarm goes-off – Alarm signal sent via your telephone line to monitoring control centre. The Monitoring Centre will call you back to check if alarm is genuine or false. If genuine
alarm – No answer at home or incorrect password received. Monitoring Centre will contact the listed keyholders and appropriate emergency services.
If false alarm – Monitoring Centre will call your home & the correct verification word must be given. Once correct, the alarm is cancelled.
NOTE: VERIFICATION WORD is a word known by you & your keyholders, that will identify you to the Monitoring Centre, as the genuine user of the system.

The Role of the Keyholders.

Your keyholders play a significant and vital role in the response afforded by An Garda Siochana should your alarm be activated. It is also important that you give us the details of
as many keyholders as possible to ensure the highest level of response should your alarm be activated.
When choosing your keyholders, please ensure that:

  • They are only 30 minutes from the premises where the alarm system is installed
  • They have a set of keys and can operate your system
  • They know the verification word and your control panel code
  • They have a telephone
  • Please note only one number per person is accepted but you can include your own mobile or work number as a keyholder.

Verification Code

Any person with access to your system should be aware of the verification code. This code will identify you or your keyholders as the genuine user of the system. The code will
be requested when the Monitoring Control Centre phone your home following an alarm activation or a cancelled alarm. If the user of the system does not know this word this
will result in contacting the keyholders and An Garda Siochana.
Your verification code if the code you supply us with and should not be confused with your alarm system password. If you forget your verification code, we need to know

Change of Keyholders

If you wish to change your keyholders either temporarily or permanently, we need to be informed 24 hours prior to when you wish the change to be implemented.

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